TNBES aspires to achieve the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of our business and operations.

If you know or are aware of any improper conduct (misconduct or criminal offence) committed or is about to be committed within the TNBES, report it to us by providing us the required information.

You may submit your disclosure through any of the following channels:


    Complainant Particulars​

    Incident Particulars

    Witness Particulars

    Not exceeding 50MB. File types PDF, JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, ZIP only.

    Complaints submitted using false Name, E-mail, or Phone No will not be entertained. If this is done by TNBES employee, disciplinary action will be taken.


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    Policy Statement

    TNBES expects Personnel at all levels to report concerns they may have on any behaviour they observe in relation to the company’s activities via the channels established for this purpose.

    External parties encountering misconduct as they work with TNBES Personnel are likewise expected to report their concerns through the designated channels. Protection will be provided to all parties acting in good faith.